Dorje Shugden Brochure

Dorje Shugden Brochure

This bilingual (English/Thai) brochure, in a bright, eye-catching, yellow design, is tailored for people who are attracted to deities and Asian philosophies. Each brochure provides concise, introductory information on who Dorje Shugden is, the benefits of his practice, FAQs, testimonials, a short meditation and his powerful mantra.

If you have benefited from Dorje Shugden’s practice in any way, let others know about Dorje Shugden too. Print it out, pass it to your friends or leave them in popular places in your cities, and spread Dorje Shugden’s practice across the globe!

See below for instructions on how to assemble and fold the brochure.


Brochure Front DOWNLOAD | 1.6Mb PREVIEW | 48kb
Brochure Back DOWNLOAD | 1.4Mb PREVIEW | 38kb
One sided printing (Thai) DOWNLOAD | 1.3kb PREVIEW | 58kb
Prayer Card Front DOWNLOAD | 1.4Mb PREVIEW | 33kb
Prayer Card Back DOWNLOAD | 840kb PREVIEW | 28kb
Folding Instructions DOWNLOAD | 665kb PREVIEW | 75kb

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