The life of a newborn baby

The life of a newborn baby

Dorje Shugden has blessed me with the opportunity to witness the many miracles of his compassion and wisdom. Among the many kindnesses Dorje Shugden has shown me is the life of a newborn baby.

A member of my team who has worked with the company for the past five years welcomed the birth of his daughter one and a half years ago. He is usually a very stern and conservative man but the arrival of this little girl brought him so much joy and bliss that I could hardly recognize him!

Sadly, the joy came to an abrupt end when the doctors discovered a blood clot in her brain and declared her case unsalvageable. When I heard the news, I sought the advice of my teacher who told me to recite Dorje Shugden’s mantra and offer serkyem.

As my colleague is a Buddhist, he too had faith in Dorje Shugden and sincerely prayed for the safety of his child. About 5 days later, upon doing another scan, the doctors could not find the blood clot anymore – it had literally disappeared.

“Today, with the family’s continued worship of Dorje Shugden, this child has not only survived a great threat to her life, but is healthy and free from all the potential damages the doctors forewarned of.” ~ Ange

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